How we help you

Education Consulting

TXT Labs offers education consulting in the form of training workshops and curriculum development. More specifically, our training workshops include mobile hackathons, teacher training, certification courses, and professional development seminars. Our curriculum development includes licensed instructional material for teachers, School Districts, Charter Schools, Private Schools, etc. We also provide targeted learning modules and lesson plans designed for teachers and educators for use in their classrooms, derived from our award-winning TXT curriculum (Google Rise 2014).

IT Consulting

TXT Labs offers Information Technology Consulting in the form of project management, hardware and software maintenance, quality assurance, business intelligence, UX/UI design, and cloud computing.

Web Development

TXT Labs offers a variety of web and mobile app development services in order to help you and your company have the best possible website and applications. Our specific services include web solutions, creation of mobile applications, and custom solutions (including custom software).